Towers & Facility Rental

We offer facilities that help business to quickly setup their system. We have towers with good height, room  and rack space for equipment installation, offsite backup servers. We have experienced team of riggers that can assist you with all telecoms equipment installation on towers or building 

Tower Rental

We have a great masty rental program to meet your wireless needs. There is no need to buy or build for those short term projects or recreational excursions. 

 If you require additional information and would like to consult with us on your next project, please contact us.

Tower Rigging & Maintenence Services

Transmedia rigging offers a full-service for tower planning, site acquisition, installation, inspection, repairs, rigging and dismantling. We have all the resources for hands on management, quality assurance and technical skills to manage your project to completion.

We offer:

  • Consultation
  • Tower Erection & Dismantling
  • Tower Inspection & Repairs
  • Rigging Services
  • Tower Lighting installation, repair and re-lamping
  • Tower rentals
  • Decommissioning equipment on towers

Facilities Rental

We have indoor space for lease at all our sites across the country. Our facilities offers secure, air conditioned and regulated power for sensitive equipment. We host different organization data centers at our promise.

We have racks or you can bring your own rack. We have clean, dust free space to accommodate your business.

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