Transmedia Corporation offers UHF a Wireless Internet Solution as a last mile solution to Internet Service Providers in Bulawayo and Harare. It was tried and tested over the years and has proved against all odds to withstand weather disruption, interference and any other factors that can be a threat to internet service robustness.

A reliable internet service provided in Harare and Bulawayo offering high speed internet with dependable reliability. The platform has been operational more than 10 years ago and still very competitive. 40 km radius


UHF Fixed Broadband

UHF platform has a great coverage around the transmitting site (Montrose and Pockets hill) of 40km effective usable signal strength. The Corporation guarantees of a reliable and fast solution suitable for home and business solution. In Bulawayo most areas around town we have coverage and farms around town.

Lte 4G Service

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The corporation is working to secure a partner to establish an LTE network in Zimbabwe to be able to provide high speed internet to match up the growing need for OTT and Streaming services.

VSAT Internet

A VSAT broadband service is a game changer in the business of connectivity. With a special target farms, mines, rural schools and other remote internet users.

Our state-of-the-art satellite broadband service providers reliable access all over the country, to populations, businesses and the public sector at affordable prices.

This  satellite service enables all types of users, from consumers to businesses, schools, hospitals and governments to enjoy the social and economic opportunities that internet connectivity entails, for both urban and  rural areas.

Harare Broadband Enquiries:

Roland: 0772383092

Bulawayo Broadband Enquiries:

Learnmore: 0733 333 944